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Become part of the drive as we collectively move away from fossil fuels and enter into an area of natural resources. Let’s go back to basics, together we shall understand why the Tesla Powerwall battery coupled with SolarEdge Optimising Self-Consumption is an added benefit to our complete solar solution.

We all understand the basic principal of how power works, we flip the light switch and the light turns on. Simple. We can even go a step further, the power that turns on the light comes from Eskom. Now, that power is created by fossil fuels, the earth is entrenched with power plants and cables running to our homes and Businesses. Which is all very well… until, the community is faced with the frustrations such as not being able to turn on the lights, relax in front of the television and cook dinner for our families, this list can carry on and on. The concept of having power to survive has become the norm, however, that norm of having power readily available is no longer a guaranteed. Furthermore, the fact remains the electricity tariff prices continues to increase. We are pulling in our belts to such an extent that we no longer have another notch to pull to. 

We are offering you the chance to not settle for unnecessary expenses and save you time by stocking all the products needed for your own complete solar system that will be tailored to your needs. This will change your life. Imagine back to the times when you walked into a room, turned on your powered appliances and it worked every time, all the time. Life was simpler back then. To not worry about how much power you are using because you want to avoid the stress of spending more money on electricity. The simple solution, is a solar kit that we have ready to install. 

With Tesla’s innovation of the Powerwall Battery which has paved the way to energy storage and SolarEdge is a 300V system that will optimize the amount of electricity generated. 

Do not wait for the near future, join us as we move to an area of natural resources by contacting us now for a tailored solar solution with the new Tesla Powerwall.

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